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Job Description

Teachers’ responsibilities: 1. Deliver high quality literature, writing, and phonics courses to students including assigned quizzes. 2. Issue, explain and mark all tasks and assignments, including in-class and post class assignments, to students and parents of younger students. 3. Conduct phonics tests and free trials for new students and make recommendations for classes. 4. Enforce a “culture of English” and other élan expectations through classroom discipline and focus. 5. Work with the Center manager, Head Teacher and other staff in the center to be informed about schedule changes, absences, and students having trial classes, as well as create strategies for special case students. 6. Substitute for absent colleagues - this may be at short notice and off-site, or involve assistance in the library during busy times, particularly if you have an empty slot on a weekend. 7. Participate in a training course held by the academic department, which will help you become familiar with all aspects of Élan curriculum, lesson flow, and quiz schedules. 8. If your work schedule allows and you have an interest, there is an opportunity to assist with the development of our curriculum, winter and summer classes materials, and also to assist with marketing events. Application requirements: 1. Native speakers and citizens of the United Kingdom, States America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland South Africa. 2. Bachelor’s degree or above 3. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate 4. Formal English teaching experience is preferred: 1 year Working schedule: Five days a week (three weekdays and Sat/Sun), with two consecutive days off on weekdays. Weekday hours: 11am-8pm (with 1 hour for lunch) Weekend hours: 9am-6pm (with 1 hour for lunch) Summer and winter holiday schedule will be arranged by the Centre Manager of each centre accordingly

Job Requirement:

Salary Offer: 0 ~ 0
Position Level: Top Management
Experience: 1 - 18 Year(s)
Academic Degree: Bachelor Degree
Established in December 2012, élan school is an English language arts training service provider to children aged 5-12 in China. The first élan school opened in March 2013. Now there are 16 élan schools in operation in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Foshan. In early 2016, élan school was acquired by Country Garden Education Group(rebranded as Bright Scholar Education Group, NYSE publicly-listed company), which is one of the largest education providers in China, with over 30,000 students and 60,000 employees.
8 centers located in different districts in Shanghai
Shanghai, Shanghai, China
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