full time teaching position for ESL teacher

Job Description

Responsibilities Successful candidates will be offered full-time teaching positions with one-year contracts. Candidates should be available to start immediately, and can also expect involvement in the following: 1. one week shadow/observation/training; 2. contribute to curriculum development projects; 3. create lesson plans; 4. provide students with a safe, comfortable learning environment. In order to have a great experience working at the school, candidates should be culturally sensitive, open-minded, and understanding of the local customs and work environment. In addition to having the educational qualifications described below, candidates should be caring, dedicated, patient, passionate, enthusiastic, and enjoy working with young learners. Need 2 teachers Location: Guizhou, Xingyi Salary: 15000-18000 RMB after tax working hours: 25 hours per week; 5 days per week

Job Requirement:

Salary Offer: 15000 ~ 18000
Position Level: Top Management
Experience: 1 - 2 Year(s)
Academic Degree: Bachelor Degree
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